Friday, 21 December 2007

Party, party, party! hungover

Well ! yesterday was a bit of a blur and today definitely did not go to plan!!!
I started work at the canteen where my OH works at 9.0am, which is something I do on a very casual basis, just doing holiday/sick cover. But yesterday was their xmas dinner day, so I was drafted in to help the permanent staff of two get ready for 70-80 guests. The morning was fairly easy going as most of the work had been done already, but the actual serving is another matter. It's somewhat frenetic trying to serve 80 odd dinners in a space that normally serves about 30 on a good day, and we did end up with a few brussel sprouts and tin foil in very strange places!!

Once the speeches were all done it was down to the never ending round of rinsing crocks and filling the dishwasher. I think I'm getting too old for this now, it's my 4th year on the trot and by 3.30 I was even too tired to be bothered with any lunch, let alone the post dinner festivities. So it was off home for a nice cup of tea and a slice of toast, in the peace and quiet!!!
BTW, I wasn't responsible for setting the tables, spot the deliberate mistakes!!!

But that wasn't the end of the day's jollifications. I'd been invited, along with all the other members, to the Callendar Girls virtual party! and what a hoot that was! We all bought each other wonderful virtual presents, which included fantasic holidays, dates with gorgeous men and brilliant course workshops amongst other things. We had lots of lovely vitual food, music and games. It was a mad hour and a half with most of us furiously trying to keep up with the pace of the posts, but it was all great fun and we found out a bit more about each other into the bargain.

Anyway I went to bed very tired and a bit mussy from the glasses of wine consumed at the party, ( real ones this time LOL).
I was supposed to be going to the 'Golden age of Couture exhibition' at the V&A today, but woke up to a humdinger of a frost outside and as my GD couldn't go, and it was meant as a treat for her, I took pity on my OH and let him off the chore of accompanying me, and didn't go. The truth was I was feeling a bit worse for wear after yesterday's excitement, but I didn't let him know!!

By way of compensation I bought a neat little gadget called a bind-it-all. it looks as if it's going to be a great little machine for all these lovely colour studies I'm going to do for module 4 of the C&G embroidery certificate, which I have started today with the colour red, aptly for Christmas, so it wasn't a bad day after all , even though it didn't go to plan!!


Doreen G said...

Forget the virtual presents Sharon that Bind it all is the best present ever.

Julie said...

Sounds like a fun party after all the hectic work of the works party. I hope they weren't going to eat custard with those forks! Your sunflower piece on Calendar Girls is great! I love the little figures! We had a cyber party at our Yahoo group a couple of weeks ago and it was exhausting keeping up with everything! :)

Joanna van said...

Looking for to seeing your color studies. This bind it all looks like a really cool gaget.

Purple Missus said...

It was a great party wasn't it? Hope you have a lovely Christmas Sharon and I look forward to a really creative new year with you.
All the best.

Karen Hall said...

I got a "bind it all" thing last month - but have not had a chance to play with it yet!
Hope you have a good christmas and a creative (!) new year

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

First - thanks for you kind words on my blog.

I am lucky - my son-in-law has a binder and does it all for me - although I must admit having one handy would be good. Then - storage???? I'll use his.

Was the party the first of many? Don't overdo it - you need to be ready for all that creativity ahead..
Have a good Xmas.