Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Party post card

Yesterday I started experimenting with a technique that Jacqueline suggested for FME. She confided that she never drops the teeth and never sets the stitch length to 0. So as my little Brother machine doesn't have a facility to drop the feed dog and you have to put a cover over the teeth, which makes stitching very awkward, I thought I'd have a go on it. And 'hey presto' it worked perfectly.

I was so pleased I thought I'd have a go at all those difficult pieces of chocolate foil wrappers and silver paper lids off the dried milk tins, etc. It was wonderful, it accepted everything I put under it!! Unfortunately I got so excited that I forgot the embroidery foot had been glued back together after a previous attempt, and of course it broke again under pressure. Still, undeterred I carried on without the foot, and wow! How liberating was that? I'd forgotten what a lovely feeling it is to stitch without the encumberence of the foot! But I did have to watch the fingers!!!

Anyway, the timid experiment quickly became a bigger piece and I began to wonder if I could make a post card. I peeled off the top of the sparkling wine lid and stitched that down , and then found my favourite Forrero Rocher sticker and before I knew it I had a party post card.

Finally I added some beads and some of those iron on sparkles just to add to the party feeling!

As a thank you to Jacqueline for all her wonderful inspirational ideas I'm going to send her the post card, as I'm so delighted to have found a way to try all those naughty things you don't want to put under the foot of your favourite expensive sewing machine.


Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Sharon, I can't wait to see what you do next. What a great result!

Doreen G said...

Wow Sharon that is beautiful--no stopping you now eh.

chrissythreads said...

Hi Sharon,
love the card - isn't it nice to break the rules!
I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and look forward to 'talking' again in the new year.
PS. the pic on my blog isn't a postcard but a close up of an evening bag I made.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Nice - like the colours.
Free machining is my favourite because it is so free and quick and effective.
Tell me more about free machining with the feed dogs up???
No need for emb foot if the base card or fabric is taut enough and you can see so much better but as you say - watch the fingers - it is painful.

Julie said...

Sharon these cards are beautiful! I love the colours and all the materials you have used. I still haven't had a proper go with FME yet. Look out for your fingers though, my friend managed to sew straight thro hers working without a foot or a hoop! Ouch!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Sharon

You are my last blog read for the next 10 days and I just want to say how much I have enjoyed our friendship and I look forward to a great year of sharing again next year! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! And the party postcard is fantastic!!