Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Back to normality, almost!!

Another Chrismas Day has come and gone! My OH and I had a great day with our daughter, Hannah and her husband Steve, and their six children!! It was a super day and exactly how we would have wanted to spend it, with the children!
We had a gorgeous lunch and of course ate far too much!

We spent the day today quietly recovering at our very quiet home!! We took a lovely walk in the woods that surround our house, and enjoyed a rare bit of sunshine. I was a bit sad though to see so many trees felled in the recent harvesting, these magestic beings look like beached whales, lying there waiting for the loggers truck.

There were plenty of other people enjoying this brief appearance of the sun and even a couple of joggers , who made us feel even more guilty about yesterday's excesses, until we got home, and then we had to eat the Christmas cake, can't have it go stale!!

I took this last shot because I liked the way the petrol had coloured the water in the puddle, and it made me think about the mix of made made and natural things and sometimes the end result can be attractive. But I dare say the petrol came from the chain saws that took the trees down!!

It was a nice surprise to find two more posts on the Calendar Girls blog, both very different interpretations for the January post card. It looks as if we'll all have quite a collection at the end of the year!

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Julie said...

Hi Sharon, glad to see you survived Christmas! The area where you live looks beautiful. The photo of the oil and leaves is very effective.